• Continental Kennel Club Is One Of The Largest Canine Registries In The World

  • Posted on November 10, 2016
  • For the last eighteen years, the best choice in canine registration services has been Continental Kennel Club. Providing quality canine products and services in a timely, and cost effective, manner is what has made CKC so successful all of these years. They also run breed evaluation shows, field trials, and performance events—which all serve to show their dedication to their clientèle. Their general mission includes a commitment to educating individuals in order to empower them to have better relationships with their canines. Through direct mail, magazines, seminars, and its online presence, the Continental Kennel Club raises awareness amongst both members of their club and the public about canine issues.

    Continental Kennel Club is one of the largest canine registries in the world, with hundreds of thousands of registrations annually. They key to their success has been fast, efficient, and accurate record keeping services. They even issue free litter registration to members of the Continental Kennel Club. Along with the official magazine, they print and publish a newsletter each month which is meant for club members, event participants, and breeders. All information concerning registration and events can be found on their website, 24/7. Having a resource like this is extremely important to dog breeders, owners, and lovers.

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