• Pet facts and fun from Continental Kennel Club

  • Posted on February 20, 2017
  • Continental Kennel Club might be most widely known for its registration services and ample informative details offered to pet owners and breeders alike. However, this valuable resource also extends a plethora of interesting canine knowledge across its online site, its social media and its newsletters to keep individuals in-the-know when it comes to these furry companions. The eye-catching site shares “dog fact” tidbits on each page, helping owners learn just a bit more about their pets. For example, Dog Fact #24 mentions that three dogs made history when they successfully flew a prop plane -- info a typical dog owner would not know, and a capability that most humans wouldn’t assume a dog could undertake.

    The maintainers of Continental Kennel Club regularly update the site with new dog and breeding news, including timely, adorable and fun stories such as “Puppy Bowl XIII Highlights” following the Super Bowl and “You’ll Love These Valentine’s Day Pups.” Dog owners can also learn what is best for their pups, such as emerging health details -- “Deadly Sweets: Xylitols and Dogs,” an article published in mid-February, notes what candy and other foods could harm a pet. So beyond registration and other canine-necessary services, Continental Kennel Club offers that helpful hand in caring for a pet every day through life’s ups and downs.

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